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After spilling beer on the finger, it grows into a strange creature he dubs Bob. I love the companionship they have, the narration by the main actor is fabulous and funny, and it ended right where I thought it should. Episode 2’s second story, “The Finger,” was apparently initially slated to screen as the series’ final story. I called the entire plot for bad wolf down as soon as I seen the wolf poster on the tree. Interested, Clark decides to save The Finger in a Tupperware container and pop it in the fridge. Gus Wood Caution, spoilers ahead. Whew. October 10, 2019, 10:00 pm, by There are moments of levity that come as earned, like some banter between the troops, but other moments fall a little flat. The subtle hints of scratches on the wall and why the keys are inside the cell are smart inclusions, but the tight framing makes the realizations feel like the characters, like the framing, are narrow in their field of vision, like when one of them steps on a body suddenly. This episode 2 of "Creepshow" from streaming service "Shudder" and the episode features two tales called "Bad Wolf Down/The Finger" the first is somewhat clever with gore and blood and a throwback to old monsters and creatures. I'm not usually a fan of DJ Qualls, but his performance in The Finger was really great, his disheveled and mentally unstable character was both creepy and fun, and his relationship with Bob was the high point here. The first part Bad Wolf Down was complete garbage, terrible acting and story. The first thing that becomes apparent after you get into the thick of “The Finger” is that its main character, Clark Wilson (DJ Qualls), is an unreliable narrator. October 24, 2019, 10:00 pm, by Wolf transformations behind enemy lines! At the same time, the story obliquely addresses this issue that no one really wants to talk about while taking its own definite stance. Creepshow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Shudder. Why did Bob kill who he killed? “Bad Wolf Down” provides comic relief from the unending backdrop of contending with this unimaginable cultural and sociopolitical hellscape. Does it matter if Bob was real? September 26, 2019, 12:00 am. Awards Abruptly, we are yanked from the story’s opener and into Clark’s convoluted presentation of the sequence of events in his story—he backtracks and explains to the viewer how he ended up in the predicament of finding something astonishingly creepy in his freezer. We could expect no less of a comic approach to these deeply troublesome issues from Rob Schrab. FAQ And a little finger grows to help a lonely guy. In an uncommon narrative framing structure, Clark makes a point to conversationally address the viewer directly throughout his story. Nazis frequently employed the psychological tactic of dehumanizing entire populaces by referring to them in animalistic terms. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Written by horror author David J. Schow and directed by Creepshow’s producer Greg Nicotero, “The Finger” destabilizes the viewer’s sense of comfort in passively consuming horrific content. DJ Qualls is an extremely likeable actor, and so placing a toxic anger on top of him defeats the purpose of casting him. Schrab is known for being a co-creator of The Sarah Silverman Program and the director of episodes of Parks and Recreation and Workaholics. 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I was really bored all the way through this one. In the end, Clark’s mania can easily be couched in terms of schizophrenic delusion. The second episode of the Creepshow anthology series did not disappoint, and it even outdid my personal expectations. The Nazi commander knowing these men are exactly to blame for his son’s death and their exact location is an odd moment, especially with how the son’s death is treated as a shame to the family. In general, Clark is a depressive and mopey guy. However, Bob begins killing anyone who angers its owner. Episode 2’s second story, “The Finger,” was apparently initially slated to screen as the series’ final story. Like with the monster that generated from a mutagen in beer and multiplied exponentially, alcohol is again linked to the mysterious, exponential growth of a murderous monster in “The Finger.” This interconnected thematic element that links alcohol to monstrosity, unnatural growth, and murder underscores Creepshow’s traditional role in providing morality tales that are cloaked in thrilling, over-the-top horror stories. This disturbingly reflective story raises the question: does The Finger point at you, too? Also starring Antwan Mills, Jake Garber, and Gino Crognale. Your email address will not be published. After taking it The design of Bob was really reminiscent of Alien, yet unique in it's own way. What did you think of this episode of Creepshow? He naturally went after the sources of Clark’s seething indignation. The Finger I find to be a perfectly cute horror comedy. Don't get me wrong, I've been a true horror fan all my life, especially the werewolf movies. Creepshow Season 1 Episode 2, “Bad Wolf Down/The Finger,” takes some excellent ideas and executes them well enough, but some muddled messaging, paired with runtime and costume constraints, end up hurting the two segments overall. His way of obscuring Bob the creature for most of his appearance plays with your imagination, while using reflections on the computer monitor and being blurred out of frame leaving you wanting more until his full reveal. of a certain authoritarian-style president’s tendency to refer to entire groups of subjugated people as animals, Production Begins on Season 2 of Creepshow, Plunging the Depths in Creepshow’s Season Finale (S1E6), Creepshow’s Tales of Gruesome Revenge (S1E4), Creepshow and the Literary Tradition of Classic Horror (S1E1), Creepshow is Back and Bringing Everything You Missed With It, Creeps Rejoice: Shudder’s Creepshow Series Reveals Some Of Its Secrets As Shooting Begins, The Eternal Grip of Creepshow’s “Night of the Paw” (S1E5), Creepshow And The Extremes of Plot (S1E3). by Excellent. | October 31, 2019, 1:35 am, by The next morning, The Finger is somehow missing from its container, and Clark finds that the finger has sprouted a thumb. 15 Soul-Healing TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now. The Finger: A lonely, resentful man who collects strange objects discovers a mysterious severed finger. Subscribe to our newsletter here! Rebecca Saunders Wonderful acting, slightly campy and really great practical special effects. In addition to providing a metaphor for the destructively transformative experience of war, the prefiguration of werewolves in this story provides satisfying retribution of turning Nazi propaganda upside-down. This act of empowering remission represents the seemingly futile nature of resistance under Nazi occupation in WWII. The viewer of Creepshow is starkly reminded of the mutated version of alcoholic Richie Grenadine in “Gray Matter” from Episode 1. I could have used a little more characterization to understand why. Gus Wood The first story presented in Episode 2, “Bad Wolf Down,” traces the quandaries faced by a troupe of American army soldiers hiding from Nazis in a seemingly abandoned station that is in fact occupied by an unsuspected werewolf.

Wwe Channel 5 Deal, Going Back Kyle Allen Music Lyrics, Ice-t Wife, Albert Kesselring Cause Of Death, Misery Business Controversy, Ky Vs Louisville Football Tickets, The Invisible Boy Printables, Classroom 6 Full Movie,