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"It's been 10 years....". she asked. It's never gonna happen, okay?" You are nothing but a coward!" Natsu whimpered. "COME BACH HERE AND ANSWER MY QUESTION ALREADY, YOU FREAK SHOW!!" "If you do that, I'll stop. "What is it going to be, Lyon?! Lucy pointed at the bunch of bad guys before demanding:        "Take them down! Zalty asked. he finally gave in and looked at her. "This was the last time I let you babysit Shimmer for just ONE single day!" Giving them haircuts...'Whoowh!'. Or even quicker. "That weirdo fixed it by himself?" "I'd understand it!" "Because for me, it's something called giving up..." Gray gasped at the respond. Gardenia's shadow appeared up against a rock behind Natsu, chuckling in victory and evilness. yelled Gardenia into Natsu's face with a red irk mark. Gardenia snapped at him. But the story just began. Lyon asked with frozen steam coming out from underneath his feet, not looking away from Natsu. "Gardenia!" "Look at me, Gray!" "Yeah!" Chapter 12: Tears I've Cried Over You. Natsu asked again.Zalty stopped a few metres away from us, putting his hand up as a brown magic circle appeared in his palm. DELIORA IS MELTING LIKE CRAZY!!" Oh how these eyes are sore "It's a lost magic...." Gardenia muttered with my eyes focused on Zalty. Gray asks. Zalty looked at him and started to laugh. Shimmer called out as well with a grunt. Don't want to remember what I can't abide GET KILLED!" cried Shimmer, hopelessly. "No, I'm not." But, however, running footsteps were heard from the corridors, which were leading to the two ice wizards and fire wizard. You want some?" "You idiot...What the hell were YOU  thinking?!" "I've noticed that you're really struggling, I'm so proud of you, though. Natsu asked, unsure, looking back at Reis and Shimmer. Erza stated. There is nothing to be afraid of, or worry about! Lyon asked. Then, in a blink of an eye, Zalty zapped away like the Flash (Best DC superhero ever! Gardenia was now face to face with Natsu, hand in the air, while Natsu's face was turned to the side with a red slap mark on his cheek, not moving a muscle. Lyon just stood in his spot unmoved. I'm ready to end this now!" "Yeah, and I saw no way, man like a second after that!" You already lost to him once!" Natsu and Shimmer's eyes widened. exclaimed a voice, belonging to a noisy pink headed (sexy dragon slayer god) dragon boy. Natsu yelled, as Shimmer closed her eyes tightly and hang her head. Still in the morning I run and I hide And it's time to take responsibility! "Why are you laughing?" Ur told Gray that she was able to free Gray from the darkness and told him to tell Lyon she died, so her sacrifice won't be meaningless. Happy was flouting in between them. Gardenia gasped softly and backed up a little. Many answers without a question. Along with KidFlash!). asked Gardenia frustratingly. Gray spread his legs out before continuing. Not the Iced Shield!" "What the heck...?" "If you die, it would only bring more sorrow and sadness to us, than if we were all gonna die, because at least we die together...." Gardenia finished with frown brows. Lyon's eyes widened in surprise because of the unexpected action that was taken by a female. Shimmer watched in worry with her lips hanging in an upside down smile and trembling brows. Natsu yelled again as he tried to punch Zalty with his Fire Dragon Iron Fist, but Zalty jumped away. "Do you see anything strange, Lucy?" WE ARE NOT LOVERS, YOU FREAK!!!" Inside the Temple, Natsu, Reis and Shimmer also covered up their ears to prevent the loud noise to make them deaf. "Because I wanted to show you that I can protect myself and you don't have to be worried about me all the times, while you're trying to save your own life! In any minute now, I'm- I-I mean, we will kick your butt like a billion times! "Yeah..." Gray replied. Lucy exclaimed as the spirit appeared through a golden light. Well guess what, genius! Shimmer flew past him and sigh with a sweat drop. Being a fairy tail wizard is not enough...'Nothing to be worried about'.....Heh, yeah right...." Gardenia muttered, Natsu raised a brow at her with confusion. "I'm sorry, but you are not going anywhere! Because just like Nia said, it'll bring nothing but sadness. Gray's eyes widened for a moment, catching a view of her teary eyes. Shimmer was flouting above them with parted mouth and slightly trembling brows. "I THOUGHT YOU ALWAYS SAID 'BABY'?! "I would never give you that satisfaction." Fast-forward a week later, and Ali was still in pain. He is smarter than I thought!" "Open! Natsu gave her a thumbs up in respond. "Yeah, yeah, whatever! "That's.....Moon Light?! Natsu jumped towards it and used his Fire Dragon Wing Attack to shatter it into millions of pieces. Natsu explained. Lucy popped up from the corner with her jaw hanging and eyes almost popped out from the socket. "And not just for you!" they yelled again. asked Natsu in amusement and with a sweat drop and question marks around him. WHY WON'T YOU JUST TELL ME HOW YOU FIXED THE TEMPLE?!" Natsu smirked, challenging. And I'm ready to die if that's what I gotta do!" WHAT'S WITH 'MISS'?! Pain, lost, emptiness and love. The two were staring into each other's eyes until the whole place started to shake. Natsu hanged his head in shame and realisation of breaking the his dearest promise to an even more dearer friend. she called out when they finally left the room. I AM SO SORRY I DIDN'T UPDATE FOR AGES!! Reis and Natsu freaked out and hugged each other. The idiot just kept chuckling and smiling. Behind her was Shimmer, flying in the air, and Natsu at the back with a huge grin on his face. "You are right, Lyon! "Just shut up!" Zalty smirked again and raised his index and middle finger. "Leave him to me. What now?!" "I don't like the sound of this..." Natsu stated worriedly. Gardenia, Natsu and Shimmer raced after Zalty, but they followed after his scent, which was rich in female perfume(?). "If you wanna live, change the villagers back to their human forms and then leave this Island and never return!" Many years ago, a powerful wizard, Angel Nakayama, turned against the Light, betraying her existance into the Dark World of Zeref, dragging her misfortune into history and curse her family's name. Asked By Wiki User. What is the song that plays in the Hallmark movie Chance At Romance Part of the lyrics are Hiding the tears I've cried over you? Lyon tried to attack Gray, but the force of the almost casted spell blew him away easily. Gray demanded as a blue magic circle appeared underneath his feet. Shimmer yelled after. Natsu's lips curled up into a smirk with  frown brows and held his fist up, which was now on flames. MR SALAMANDER WANTED TO STICK TOGETHER TO FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE, WHEN HE WAS THE ONE COMPLAINING TO HAVE A  FIGHT ON HIS OWN!!!" Lyon's eyes widened upon seeing the all so familiar stand Gray stood in. The Nakayama name was the most hateful name ever since, covering each letter with blood and sins. What if they would get hurt? DON'T YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME, YOU JERK!! Gray's dark blue eyes widened with his mouth hanging, staring into Natsu's hazel eyes. "It doesn't sound so promising!" "Oh, really? Natsu stood a few steps behind Gray, watching the action that is taking place right before his eyes. It's time we accept our punishment together." "YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!" "You're dumb!" Erza blinked a few times before realising that the spirit looked certainly familiar. Now we can beat these guys up for sure!" Natsu stopped and looked back at Gray. Gray yelled, however, his face started to crack a little. Gray looked up at him, right into the eyes. Shimmer came out from her hiding place and stood next to Gardenia. Zalty stated. It'll melt the ice, sealing Deliora faster..." Zalty explained, but it didn't stop Natsu, for he, tried another kick at Zalty. Gray, Lucy, Erza, Happy and Gardenia were in the middle of the jungle as Gray explains his past with Lyon and Ur. I didn't want to accept the fact that Ur died because of me! Zalty smirked and swiped his hand across in front of his face. Her scream was beyond the loud roar, which, of course, caused Natsu and Shimmer to look back at the painfully suffered Gardenia. "I know what you mean...." Gray muttered back. Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. "Shut up, fire breathing lizard!" Zalty laughed at Natsu as he kept running. Gray argued. "I guess someone's jealous~. "Even though there is a bunch of them, their magic seems weak for some reason!" The two friends stood back up onto their feet and got back into business. Thank you so much, and thank you for 20+ likes to this story! requested Natsu. Shimmer nodded in respond. "What? 'Cos I can't forget all the tears that I cried, But I'll get fooled like the last time Reis explained as she looked up at Zalty with seriousness, along with Natsu. Natsu yelled/called out. We just need to give it a little match to finish the job. There are people up there doing the ceremony right now?!"

Kyle Lowry Wedding, The Fury Of A Patient Man Ending Explained, Devil's Pass Ending Explained, The Remains Of The Day Day One Summary, Hyper Light Drifter Titans, Lacrosse Rules, The Truth About Lies Quotes,