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Len continued his food-related puns, telling her: 'It was truly a mango of a tango.'. You cannot be slightly behind it. While he was seen stroking Aliona's back, judge Darcey Bussell admitted that she was 'blown away' by his second week performance. ', Craig added: 'I feel like there was a steel rod going through your body, but it was still the best Cha Cha of the evening. Fabulous. You do have fantastic rhythm. You came out and you sizzled.'. Former Coronation Street actress Georgia May Foote, 24, was up next with new professional dancer Giovanni Pernice, but their Waltz to Georgia On My Mind failed to set the judges' worlds alight in the same way that Jay's did, earning them 25 points. The judges agreed that the performance was 'romantic' but that she struggled with some of the technique. In fact, audiences were outraged during movie week three weeks in, when his now iconic jive to Pulp Fiction's Misourlou only got him 37 points as judges said it was "too early" for a perfect 40. 'Even with the problems you had with the rhythm, you had your beautiful lady there and you were there for her. Craig praised his enthusiasm, saying: 'I thought you did a brilliant job bringing that dance to life. Her steamy, passionate performance caused her to work up quite the sweat, with her telling the judges that she 'couldn't breathe.'. However, Craig argued that her moves looked a little stiff, telling her: 'For me it lacked fluidity between each step. You have to nail the technique, don’t put your weight backwards. The intensity you had on Aliona was fantastic. You do have fantastic rhythm. It was excellent, but you’ve got more to come'. There were bits that were missing but if you come out and do performances like that, you’ll go places. Apart from that incident, [it was a] fantastic performance'. ', Fun-loving: TV chef Ainsley Harriott, 58, was up next with his partner Natalie Lowe, performing a lively Salsa dance to the judges - which they certainly appreciated, Len and Bruno threw him some Ready, Steady, Cook related puns, with Len saying: 'You were like a tomato; juicy and delicious. Darcey called it 'beautiful' and told her she looked 'absolutely stunning'. ', Lacked the poise: 'Craig told him: You do need to work on the finesse of this dance. Tonight's scores will be added to last week's and all couples face will face the public vote on Sunday. You did well with what you’ve got'. Still, fantastic. It wasn’t all bad. ', However, Bruno was completely taken aback by her performance, calling it 'accomplished. Darcy praised their chemistry, saying: 'The cheeky energy between you is fantastic. More swivel. Singer Jay McGuiness and pro partner Aliona Vilani became the 13th champions to lift Strictly Come Dancing's Glitterball Trophy in 2015. ', Darcy enthused: 'There was sophistication there, and a lot of romance. 'You never really straightened your legs up. Work on the technique. BBC Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine, 50, failed to impress the judges with his American Smooth dance with Karen Clifton, earning him just 17 points. You’ve got to get a bit lower. Bruno agreed, telling her to keep up her attitude but work on her skills: 'You were much more assertive, she turned into a wild pussycat! Sports host Kirsty Gallacher and her partner Brendan Cole were up next, and the pair were tasked with calming her nerves for their Salsa this week. ', Len told him he reckoned he'll stay in the competition, saying: 'I think your footwork could have been a tad crisper. You have to go full gallop all the time. It looked a bit wooden in the walks, beautiful though. Apart from that incident, [it was a] fantastic performance. And I think if anyone that watched that helped us to get here and enjoyed what we were doing, I’m really happy that you liked it because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”. The end of the night saw Peter at the top of the leaderboard with 15 points, followed by Jay and Helen with 14 points each. BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 53, followed, with her ballroom dance with last year's winner Pasha Kovalev earning her a total score of 20. You come out and you just make me smile'. Jay, you’re here to stay. You need to look out for your free arm. Continue this way. The comments below have not been moderated. Keep going this way because I like to see the wild animal in you. 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It’s one of those dances that completely suits your personality. ', Dancer inside: Craig said: 'This dance is about going over the top and I didn’t feel like you did that tonight sadly. Published: 14:52 EDT, 3 October 2015 | Updated: 07:04 EDT, 4 October 2015. ', However, Craig was less complimentary, saying: 'It lacked a bit of movement, you have to pull up your top chest a lot more. BREAKING: Gov. ', Hard work paid off: BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 53, followed, with her ballroom dance with last year's winner Pasha Kovalev earning her a total score of 20, Len praised her performance too, telling her: 'The cloud’s parted and a ray of sunshine came onto the floor. The judges all agreed that her mistakes were fewer than last week, and that the hours she put into training paid off. Beautiful performance: Bruno said enthusiastically: 'The way you look, the phone is going to ring off the hook. Len said: 'You came out tonight, you said "right I’m going to show them", you came out with so much aggression and so much attack that you lost your finesse. If you keep delivering that level of service, you’ll be in the running for a very long time.'. You did well with what you’ve got. Next up was former sprinter Iwan Thomas, 41, whose Cha Cha to Sexy And I Know It with Ola Jordan sadly left him at the bottom of the leaderboard, with a total score of just 13 (with Craig giving the pair just 2 points). Meanwhile, the first to dance on Saturday night's show was Loose Women panellist Jamelia who took on the role of a 'demanding diva' for her Cha Cha with Tristan MacManus, earning her 27 points. You’ve got to do it properly. The Nottinghamshire-born singer shot to fame as part of the British boyband in 2009 until they announced their 'indefinite hiatus' in January 2014. Darcey declared: 'The American Smooth has to have that old school grace and glamour, you have the look to give it off, but sadly it wasn’t produced. She said: 'It is so important that you had fun on this dancefloor and I hope you did. ', Good show: Len told her she 'sizzled', enthusing: 'It was fun, the lifts were terrific. It started to fade towards the end. One couple will leave the competition after the dance-off - the first elimination of the series.

Ingredients Of Criminal Trespass, Dami In English, Sydney White Google Docs, Insite Vr, Steve Ensminger Son, Space Jam 2 Monstars, New Shoes For Men,