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Flats awakens in the hospital, where he learns that SpongeBob saved his life by performing CPR on him for five hours straight. Like many other cartoon characters, SpongeBob has been shown to have numerous extraordinary abilities and attributes over the course of the series (even though physically weak). Sometimes, SpongeBob is a nudist. Occupation ‣ Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer ["You what?!"] The episode ends with Mrs. Without his employee of the month, Krabs is stuck with an overpriced chef that will charge him an arm and a leg to flip one burger. Even Patrick goes, stating that everyone needs at least one day away from SpongeBob's laughter. Stanley S. SquarePants is SpongeBob's cousin, and comes for a visit because his Dad, Sherm SquarePants says he ruins everything he touches. His name is Flats the Flounder, and he tells SpongeBob that he is going to "kick his butt." BlackJack is known to be a powerhouse. If Memory Serves. After gathering the necessary proofs of purchase, SpongeBob mails his requests. When Flats makes a sand sculpture of SpongeBob and kicks it, the viewer can see that Mrs. SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom's most popular restaurant, where he is a fry cook and prepares all food served at the Krusty Krab, most notably Krabby Patties. When he comes to the Treedome and realizes that there is no water, he begins drying up and attempts to survive without water, telling himself that he does not need it and that "Water is for quitters!" He intended to create a series about an over-optimistic sponge that annoys other characters. After yelling at Patrick for what the forever glue did, he gets scolded by the townspeople for it. ‣ Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen [Flats draws himself beating up SpongeBob.] SpongeBob was designed to be a kid-like character who was goofy and optimistic in a style similar to that made famous by Jerry Lewis. All clues of their whereabouts point to his nefarious cousin Blackjack, the family bully who used to torment SpongeBob when they were little. Their middle neighbor is [Tentacles|Squidward Tentacles], a grumpy, ill-tempered and self-centered octopus who lives in an Easter Island Tiki head-shaped house and hates both SpongeBob and Patrick with a passion because of their annoying antics, maturity you would expect from a sponge and starfish, and them always ruining his day. As kids, BlackJack was much larger than SpongeBob and often terrorized him while calling him a \"little man.\" However, when he met SpongeBob again, he was only the size of SpongeBob's big toe. ‣ Flight in Panic 1 - Gregor F. Narholz [Flats chasing SpongeBob.] Hillenburg compared the concept to Laurel and Hardy and Pee-wee Herman. However, in the middle of the episode, her classroom is located within the building. Time Machine. SpongeBob has achieved popularity with both children and adults, though he has been involved in public controversy. Not to be undone by his competitor's new gimmick, Plankton responds with his own traveling Chum Bucket, and the two rival restaurants engage in an undersea battle complete with torpedoes, a giant sea monster and chum. SpongeBob receives a note from his cousin BlackJack, saying that he is going to pay his parents a visit. Bucket, Sweet Bucket: Plankton tricks SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward into fixing up the Chum Bucket with a series of sob stories. He is voiced by Tom Kenny and first appeared on television in the series' pilot episode "Help Wanted" on May 1, 1999. Despite Squidward openly hating SpongeBob and Patrick, they are completely oblivious to this and believe they are his best friends. SpongeBob SquarePants - S02E32 - The Bully - video dailymotion Spongebob was created and designed by the late cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg shortly after the cancellation of Rocko's Modern Life in 1996. Despite this, SpongeBob is unquestioning of Mr. Krabs and looks up to him as an authority figure. Hillenburg compared the concept to Laurel and Hardy and Pee-wee Herman. SpongeBob panics and sprints away. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired," SpongeBob has failed the exam 1,258,056 times, and is the only creature in the history of the school to fail the test. He is also obsessed with Krabby Patties themselves; on numerous occasions, he has proclaimed them the best food in the world and in "Just One Bite" and "Shuffleboarding," he is shocked and horrified to see one thrown away. The character appeared in a We Are Family Foundation video promoting tolerance, which was criticized by James Dobson of Focus on the Family because of the foundation's link to homosexuality. SpongeBob claims that he does know how to drive, but simply panics behind the wheel and cannot concentrate. Unlike Patrick, Sandy is very intelligent, both technologically and practically, but is tolerant of SpongeBob's stupidity and enjoys his company, and in some episodes, it is implied that Sandy has even raised SpongeBob's intelligence considerably. He typically wears a white shirt with a red tie and brown square trousers, hence his family name "SquarePants". SpongeBob is a fry cook at the Krusty Krab restaurant, at which he has won employee of the month many times. He... Rise and Shine: Take a look inside Patrick Star's rock where we see that his morning routine is anything but ordinary. Type of Villain to SpongeBob. BlackJack still has the intent of beating up SpongeBob however, who is ready to stand up to himself. • Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr [Flats' dad.] Actor Allusion: Thomas F. Wilson plays another bully with a penchant for the word "butt." But now that Dead Eye has his big ... 20,000 Patties Under the Sea: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs turn an old submarine into a mobile Krusty Krab. Hillenburg compared the concept to Laurel and Hardy and Pee-wee Herman. Defeat SpongeBob SpongeBob vs. Patty Gadget: SpongeBob competes against a patty-making machine. They enjoy doing extreme sports together, most notably Karate. BlackJack also calls SpongeBob a "little man," not just because SpongeBob is younger than him, but due to the fact that SpongeBob used to not make any attempt to duel with him and was thus cowardly. Blackjack is known to be tough. Abrasive Sponge • BlackJack • Captain Blue SquarePants • Clever Visual Metaphor for the Abstract Concept of Thought • Drifter • Employee of the Month SpongeBobs • Ensign • Girly Teengirl • Grandma SquarePants • Giant SpongeBob • Grandpa SquarePants • Harold SquarePants • Margaret SquarePants • Primitive Sponge • RandomLand SpongeBob • Sherm SquarePants • Snow sponge • Spongezilla • SpongeBob's grandson • SpongeBob SquarePants • SpongeBob SquarePants clones • SpongeBoy • SpongeBuck SquarePants • SpongeBob Doppelganger • SpongeGar • SpongeTron • Spongy Spongy • Stanley S. SquarePants • Todd SquarePants • SquidBob • Mini SpongeBob • Off Model SpongeBob, If you were looking for the article about the.

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