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Interested in writing my thoughts and with experience as Senior Editor in News companies. Hulu recently released a trailer for the upcoming fourth series, which shows June is still alive, despite being shot last season, and is ready to rescue more children from Gilead’s oppressive regime. Access exclusive energy deals! '"Lady"') is a 2016 South Korean erotic psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook and starring Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong.It is inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule. The upcoming season will focus on Offred/June (Elizabeth Moss), who survived the gunshot wound from season three’s finale, continue on her mission to save the women and children of Gilead and transport them safely to Canada – while her husband Luke (O-T Fagbenle) will seek revenge on Fred. The series has captivated audiences for the past 2 seasons becoming one of the most and discussed dramas since the likes of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The Handmaid’s Tale also sees characters frequently break out of their “hero” or “villain” mould – and when it comes to Commander Lawrence, it’s still all to play for, according to series star Bradley Whitford who spoke to TVLine. You can also catch me on: The Buzz Paper is a new generation news media company that steps up to ensure its readers with high quality and accurate reading space. Fans know that the series will be on Hulu later this year. The drama is also featuring a brand new cast member – teenage actress McKenna Grace of Gifted and Fuller House fame, who will be playing the young, outwardly-compliant (and outwardly sane) wife of a much older Commander. Indulge in a premium cheese, charcuterie and wine bundle – delivered direct to your door. Given the titles of “Handmaids”, they belong to the social elite of Gilead and are used to breed. Cast, trailer and latest news, Aunt Lydia get her comeuppance this series, Ann Down who plays a terrifying Aunt Lydia, Best TV series to watch on Netflix right now (October 2020), Alias Grace and The Handmaid’s Tale: two series, one powerful message, Samira Wiley narrates new The Color Purple audiobook, Best TV shows to watch on Sky Box Sets right now. At The Buzz Paper, we intend to serve the readers with the hottest and latest news so that the readers get wide and detailed information about the stuff they look. Copyright What's on Netflix 2018. It was previously revealed that Hulu and MGM were working on the sequel and will be inspired by Margaret Atwood’s 2019 book The Testaments. Mindhunter Season 3: Netflix Renewal Plans And Release Date. Cast member Bradley Whitford (who plays Commander Joseph Lawrence) revealed in August 2020 that cast and crew were quarantining for a fortnight prior to filming re-starting imminently. With the series in such high demand, there are many wondering if the series will be coming to Netflix. The Handmaiden. Desperate for news about Season 4 of Hulu's hit series The Handmaid's Tale? Enter your email address for weekly roundups of the biggest Netflix news. But I think we want to keep the bar high, and it would not be a bad thing to leave the audience wanting more and then we could ideally shift into The Testaments.”. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, When is The Handmaid’s Tale season 4’s release date? Sign up to get alerts on Netflix and streaming services and receive TV and entertainment email newsletters from our award-winning editorial team. Speaking on This Morning, Ann Dowd said that Lydia has “got a lot to prove”. The series is a Hulu Original therefore is exclusive to the streaming service Hulu. The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix. There was an error with subscription attempt. Determined to survive the atrocious world, June will stop at nothing to reunite with her daughter that was taken from her. We should also expect to watch Aunt Lydia get her comeuppance this series, as actress Ann Dowd has teased that The Commanders “cannot wait to place blame on anyone but themselves and Lydia of course, is front and centre to receive that”. Therefore, there is no more information related to the plot but our sources revealed that creators of the show want to give a new face of the show story it is confirmed that story will start where it’s ended but it’s interesting to see what story of the show creators has for their fans. Inspired by Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future version of the United States and centres around Gilead, a totalitarian society where women are forced to become “handmaids” and bear children for its leaders. Speaking to TV Guide, he said: “All the people in Toronto are showing us what June has waiting for her if she does ever get out. “How could she have missed this? **Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid’s Tale season 3**. Unfortunately, The Handmaid’s Tale season four premiere has been pushed back to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hulu has announced. Here’s every important update on Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: There is no officially announced a release date yet. by Jacob Robinson Hulu didn’t release the season 4 trailer. The show’s star Elizabeth Moss told Extra in June that they had only just begun shooting season four when filming was stopped. “We don’t see ending it in [Season 4], and I can honestly say to you, we don’t have a definitive out. Serena Joy also conned her husband Fred Waterford into travelling to Canada to be charged for war crimes  — but in response, he exposed her own wicked deeds (and in the process revealed that Nichole isn’t his biological daughter, her real father is Nick). Wants to share my feelings through my words and love to write on controversies, providing people with the right information and gossips. With the state of Gilead being turned upside down by June’s revolutionary efforts, season four isn’t looking good for Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd). Cast-member Bradley Whitford, who plays Commander Joseph Lawrence, confirmed in late August 2020 that production was restarting – but only after a mandatory “hardcore” two-week quarantine period for everyone involved. June Osborn is renamed Offred when she is assigned to Gileadan Commander Fred Waterford. Let us know in the comments below. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. We’re really stretching the limits of our capabilities, production wise, and we’re on the move a lot.”, She added: “We’re not sitting in a studio between four walls very much, so it really is a bigger season and that’s taken a little [longer]. Make your movie list and get Blu-rays and DVDs conveniently delivered to you with free shipping both ways. For anyone wishing to stream the series will have no choice but to sign up for a subscription to Hulu. Speaking to Digital Spy about the initial delay, Elisabeth Moss revealed: “Part of the reason why it’s taken a little bit longer, besides just timing, is that we are making it a bit of a bigger season this year. It looks as if Aunt Lydia is prepared to put up a fight though, with her declaring June “beyond redemption” in the trailer. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, The Handmaid’s Tale had already faced delays which had seen it move down the calendar from summer to autumn. Now, after three seasons, the series is renewed by Hulu for a fourth season. Hulu didn’t release the season 4 trailer. It’s not yet confirmed which of the original cast will return, but it seems likely that we’ll see central cast members reprise their roles – including Elisabeth Moss as June. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, executive producer Warren Littlefield implied that several more seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale could be on the way. I’m not trying to be cute, and I have a sense that Bruce isn’t sure either, and that just makes it more terrifying for June.”. The Handmaiden (Korean: 아가씨; RR: Agassi; lit. © Copyright 2020. In Australia episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale are available to stream on SBS Demand. Originally set for release this autumn, the series has been delayed after COVID-19 halted production in Canada back in March like many other shows. I’ve been in Toronto since mid-January prepping.”. In the United Kingdom, the series has been exclusively available to watch on Channel 4. Capturing the hearts and shocking the minds of millions of people The Handmaid’s Tale is back for a third season. What's on Netflix is a website of Posterity Information Technology Ltd. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the famous drama on Hulu and it is adapted from the 1985 book by novelist Margaret Atwood of the same name. The first episode of Season 3 aired at 9:00 PM on June 9th, 4 days after the first three episodes arrived on Hulu in the US. Thanks! Each subsequent episode will air on Sundays at 9:00 PM and will be available to stream on the catch-up service 40D. You can buy The Handmaid’s Tale seasons 1 and 2 on DVD from Amazon or order season 3 on DVD here. You can unsubscribe at any time. And it will continue to be not a nice place. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! Since 1998, DVD Netflix has been the premier DVD-by-mail rental service. Unlike some US shows Channel 4 is slightly behind on episodes. They are: Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy Alexis Bledel as Emily O.T. Cast, trailer and latest news. Fagbenle as Luke Joseph Fiennes as … It is still unclear for the fourth season how much the Atwood book will affect him. So yes, I think she’s got a lot to prove.”. Hired by a suave con man, young street-thief Sook-hee secures employment as a handmaiden for wealthy but reclusive heiress Lady Hideko. Sadly there’s a little chance of this. The dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale gained tremendous popularity in such a short time. on June 10, 2019, 12:00 pm EST, The Handmaid’s Tale – Copyright.

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